Outdoor Space Remodeling – Tips to Designing and Building Additions, Patios, Porches, and Sun Rooms!

Beautify your home by adding an outdoor living area you can enjoy all season long. You may already have an existing foundation to build on, or perhaps you’ll need a plan to start from scratch. Either way, you will enjoy your addition for years to come, so be sure you research before beginning your project.


Patios can turn your yard into a favorite outdoor relaxing area. Think of your patio as an outside living room by adding comfy patio furniture or a backyard fire pit for entertaining friends and family. You can enjoy star glazing and sunsets on those warm outdoor evenings.

Porch Additions

Porch additions add curb appeal, and increase the value of your home. It can be as simple as adding a roof to your existing porch, or if space permits, you can extend the porch to add extra patio seating. If space permits consider adding a large porch to the side or back of your home. This may require an engineer or architect to build the perfect design to coordinate with the outline of your home, avoiding that added on look. Details are important to consider, think about the height of your room and add vaulted ceilings or possibly skylights.

Enclosed Porches

If you have an existing porch, consider enclosing it, or maybe you have room for an extension. A sun room can be added as an extension to the back or side of your home, adding extra living space for relaxation and entertaining friends. You may want to enclose the porch for a three or four season room by adding screening and sliding glass doors, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors in comfort. Adding drapes or curtains add elegance and charm to your new room, plus overhead fans to create a constant breeze.

Sun Rooms

Sun room additions are an extension of your living space and can be a simple outdoor dining area, or a luxurious living area featuring vaulted ceilings, skylights and beautiful finishes. These rooms add pleasant entertainment areas for fabulous parties.

When adding an enclosed porch or sun room to an existing home, it’s always necessary to consider how to will heat and cool these rooms. You may be able to extend your current vents, but most often you’ll need to add other separate heating and air conditioning sources. One of the least expensive options for heating is to add a space heater, but be sure to check all safety hazards, and only use this when you are actually in the room. Adding a ductless mini split system is another idea which allows you to efficiently control room temperature separately in the new room. Choosing the flooring can be challenging, especially for year round rooms, since it’s exposed to all outdoor elements. Choose flooring that can tolerate sunlight and also comfort during cold winter days.

Treat yourself to wonderful new living areas you can enjoy yearlong by adding that special porch, extending your patio, or building a new sun room. You can add value and beautify your home, but be sure your design inspiration complements your existing homes architecture style.

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