Tips On How To Design the Perfect Mudroom For Your Home…

It seems no matter how hard you try to keep everyone in your house organized, it still can’t be done. The kitchen, dining room and every room in-between is filled with book bags, sports bags, gym shoes and more coats and jackets then you care to count! You’re starting to think that maybe you need a bigger house. However, the answer might be a lot easier than embarking on a new house hunt. What you need is a mudroom!

Add a Mudroom 

Adding a Mudroom is a great way to update and spruce up your home. An added bonus comes with designating that one area for all the comings and goings which saves your entry area from taking a daily beating. No more muddy boots in the hallway. So…where should you begin? First and foremost determine the space required for your mudroom. Next, let your imagination run wild! There’s no end to the possibilities for storage and organization. Be sure to think about ease of cleaning. Tile is a great option for a mudroom. Select a durable tile that can take a beating and still look wonderful after a quick mop.

One Stop for All

These days families are busy year-round. Academics, sports, school plays, errands, and the ultimate goal – relaxation/fun time keeps everyone in the household on the move. Adding a mudroom or setting up a place just inside the back door or the door from the garage to handle the jackets, sports equipment, backpacks, and of course those muddy shoes. The mudroom is becoming a staple in homes, and once you have one you’ll find that keeping your home clean and organized just got a lot easier.

Make a list of what you need to keep every family member organized and ready to hit the ground running….today’s lifestyle is get up and go! A well-stocked mudroom can include locker-style units for each family member, cubbies, bins, hooks for coats and backpacks and a bench for those quick changes out of cleats or shoes. Allow space for boots to drip dry or for those discarded cleats and gym shoes. They’ll be easier to find the next time around. A mirror is another great addition, as is, an umbrella stand.

Drop It!

Let’s face it…kids aren’t the only ones who can’t locate their things. Combine a drop zone in the mudroom – a small table or chest, some shelves or even a basket. Drop the mail, drop your keys….you’ll have an easier time finding them tomorrow morning. When you come through the door, what do you look for? A place to put down whatever you’re carrying: Bags, keys, sunglasses, dog leash, or your travel mug. Having one area to hold all of life’s daily necessities makes the day less stressful all around. The more you use a mudroom, the more you’ll need it!


Stopping Dirt In Its Tracks

So now you’re thinking, “What could be better than a mudroom?” We can answer that – having one closer to the laundry room! The closer the better. If you have enough space, it’s a great timesaver to have them together in a utility room. Those dirty uniforms come off in the mudroom and right into the wash. No more wet pool towels laying on your floor. Could it get any easier? Well, another new idea is to include a pet-washing station in the utility room. You can wash and dry your pup before he leaves muddy paw prints all over the house. The tiled mini-shower and handheld showerhead designed for the pup are great for washing off muddy kids too!

If you’re still not sure that a mudroom is the answer to most of your prayers, give us a call and we’ll show you other great ideas to help you organize your home and your life.

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