6 Renovations That Can Make Your Home More Retirement Friendly…

It is never too early to start talking about the ideal home for your retirement years. It is a good idea to start making modifications before a lifestyle or health change occurs. Making simple comforts to your home right now will help sustain you in the home you love for years to come. Take an overall assessment of the whole house. Start a journal and make notes to improve or develop areas. It is best to work with a designer who can create a master plan. The following are a few updates to get your home ready for those Golden Years.

The Bathroom

Visit any high-end resort or flip through a glossy design magazine and you’ll notice that every shower has glass doors that go all the way to the floor, with no lip to step over. Aside from being a sleek and sophisticated look, this eliminates a major tripping hazard. Replacing slippery, polished tile in the bathroom and adding grab bars are also good ideas.


Good Lighting creates contrast and helps you navigate a space safely and efficiently. It is important that light levels be high, but uniform, within each space. Light levels should be reasonably consistent from space to space, as the mature eye takes longer to adapt to significant changes in light level. Adding more lighting fixtures, including under cabinet lights in the kitchens and baths, pendant lights over work spaces and additional night lighting, including baseboard lights are a few suggestions.

Steps And Railings

Inside and outside railings should be incorporated into the design of your home. Railing can be functional yet decorative and match the aesthetics of your home. Anyplace in your home that you could incorporate low grade ramps and handrails would be a plus.

Storage and Hardware

Preparing for retirement means storing everyday item in easy to reach locations and creating storage that is accessible, at least 20 inches above the floor is a good height. Turning on the sink, opening a door or closing a cabinet with ease could be make simpler with hardware updates.

Open Floor Plans

Removing walls between the living and dining rooms, kitchen, family room, and/or entry halls makes a house feel bigger, more modern, more comfortable, and makes the space easier to negotiate in old age.

Guest Room

More time for enjoying family and friends now that you are retired. Get your home ready for the next chapter of your life by crating a guest space. Having friends and family visit is always a time of great joy, and if you have a room to use specifically for guests, it can feel like their home away from home. Everyone can enjoy the comfort and warmth of being at your place while you catch up and make new memories together.

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