Tips For Modernizing Your Home By Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets, Crown Molding, and Furniture…

Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinets can be a large investment in your home. You have the choice of purchasing new cabinets or to spend just a fraction of that cost and do a resurfacing and painting project. Painting cabinets and trim can give a dramatic new look. A current and cohesive paint project can modernize your home and bring it into the present.


Details Matter

After you have painters give your walls a newly painted fresh new look, do not forget the crown molding, banisters and baseboards. If they have become scuffed, worn or chipped that will detract from the presentation. Some touch-up to the trim can give your home a much cleaner and more polished look. If you do not have crown molding around your kitchen cabinets, adding some can give some extra pizzazz to your home.


Color Makes a Difference

Choose neutral like white, beige or gray for your kitchen cabinets. With just a bit of paint, your cabinets can get a new life. If you would like a little something more dramatic do two-tone cabinets. If you use grey try a darker color for the bottom cabinets and a lighter shade on the uppers. Make sure to clean the surfaces inside and out before your painters start painting. Be sure and remove any oily residue that can build up on the kitchen cabinets. After cleaning comes sanding, then a primer coat of paint and finally the paint color you have chosen.


Give Your Furnishings a Freshen-Up

Choose a vibrant shade for the pantry, island, shelving or any other surface in the Kitchen. The bright “wow” will have a stunning impact on the overall look of your kitchen. If you have a special piece of furniture that you can add to your kitchen just remember paint allows you to repurpose the special piece that perhaps you would have thrown away.

Painting, especially cabinet painting, is best left the pros. Our team can make the transformation for you and give you the joy of a modernized look to your home.

Creativity makes all the difference in remodeling your home! Becraft Plus has completed many full home renovations over the years. Contractor experience makes all the difference. 

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