Home Design and Remodeling Tips – Some of the Latest Design Trends That May Help Get You Inspired!

Out with the old and in with the new. Whether you are ready for a total renovation or simply want to add a splash of the newest “ in “ color to your bedroom,  it’s alway a perfect time to freshen up your home. We would like to give you just a few things we have seen for 2017 Trends…

Splurging on Laundry Rooms

Everyone knows that kitchens and bathrooms get the big remodeling dollars, but many homeowners are seeing value in making every space look great. And laundry rooms in particular are seeing more love. Design tricks to bring in more light, smarter storage and better function resonate with homeowners who realize that since they spend a lot of time doing laundry, why not do it in a space that makes them feel good?

The “IN” Color

According to celebrity interior designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, British interior designer in Los Angeles, author, and television personality, green is the strong color. From lime green to emerald, the hue works throughout the home. Whether it is as a wall color or a room filling rug. If you are not too keen on the idea of using green in large dose. Add really fun emerald glasses to your regular white plates and suddenly you have got that up to the minute look. Or add a splash of the new color to your Family room by adding some lime green pillows and a few other lime green accessories and you have a 2017 look.

Satin Brass

Brass finishes have been making a comeback in recent years, cherished for their ability to bring shiny golden tones to a space without the high price tag. But more recently, designers have been turning away from the reflective finish of polished brass and embracing satin or brushed brass, which is more muted and warm. A satin brass finish and can complement a number of styles, especially in the kitchen. It also looks amazing against almost any color of the rainbow. We will continue to see rooms with satin brass for quite some time and also possibly mixed with other finishes for a more eclectic look.

Vanity Conversions

If you’re having trouble finding the right premanufactured vanity for your home, try thinking outside the cabinet box. Many savvy homeowners are finding chests of drawers, old file cabinets, vintage consoles and more, and converting them into one-of-a-kind vanities.

Tropical Prints

It is no secret that interior design takes cues from the runways, and this is the year we have seen many designers experiment with all things tropical. The print will continue to appear in wall paper and designer fabrics. If such in your face prints are not your style add throw pillows. Always buy a plain sofa and change it with new pillows. Or maybe add a tropical valance in your kitchen with a few tropical plants.

Hardworking Kitchen Storage Walls

In search of more open space, many homeowners and designers are doing away with expanses of upper cabinets and pushing all that storage onto a single hard working wall. This one-stop hub frees up the rest of the space to create a breezy look.

Outdoor-feeling Indoor Showers

An outdoor shower is highly desirable but not practical year-round in most areas of the country. To get around the weather dilemma, designers and homeowners are looking to intimate courtyards and strategic site placement to create bathrooms that connect deeply to the outdoors while still maintaining privacy.

Quirky Lighting

Chandeliers that can change shape, which are not rigid and do not have clearly defined shapes, is one of the trends you will see popping up in 2017. They can become an important piece of your home décor since they offer the ability to adapt to any environment. Another lighting trend within the interior design realm will be chandeliers with geometric shape. Although geometric lighting is not exactly a new trend its’ popularity continues throughout 2017.

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