Remodeling Tips – How to Select The Perfect Paint Finishes For Your Home or Office

Even after you have chosen the perfect color for a room, there’s another very important decision to make. With 4+ paint finishes to choose from, you should learn the benefits of each and determine the right one for your job. Should you use flat or satin and why? Browse these tips on selecting the perfect paint finishes for your interior home applications.


Flat enamel is paint with a durable flat, matte finish with little or no shine. It’s a good choice for powder rooms and halls, as it holds up to occasional cleaning. And because it hides imperfection it is very good for ceilings. It is harder to clean than other finishes.


Eggshell Sheen offers a little luster without downright shine. It is good for walls and holds up better with cleaning than flat finish paint. This type of paint is great in high traffic areas like hallways and kitchens because it resists stains and you can wipe with water and a rag.


Satin finish paint has a smooth, velvety look with a bit more gloss. It is most often used for windows, doors, trim, or ceilings, but can also be used as wall paint. It is very durable and can handle the dings and scuffs that may occur in the children’s room. It will hold up to cleaning and light scrubbing.

Gloss and Semi-Gloss

Gloss finishes are the most popular in modern and contemporary looks. They are used mostly on ceilings and create a lacquered look on the walls. This finish will magnify any surface imperfections, so careful preparation and sanding is essential before painting with high gloss paints. Glossy finishes are the easiest to clean and are tougher than eggshell and flat sheens. It is best to spray not roll on a glossy paint. Gloss is becoming more popular for a dramatic look on cabinets, trim, and furniture.

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