6 Mistakes You Want to Avoid Making When Renovating Your Home…

Nothing is worse than getting half way through your home renovations and having to stop because of common mistakes is frustrating. Not only can this be costly but it will set the project back. To avoid making these same errors, here are 6 things you should not do when remodeling your home…

Don’t Avoid the Permits

Home renovations require permits which will vary depending on your location and the size of your remodel. These are a requirement as they help to ensure that your renovation is up to code and meets safety standards to help you avoid a bad job that would make your home unsafe. This is why it is important to obtain permits for your project.

Avoid Taking Measurements Only One Time

Sometimes we get a rush and only take measurements one time before we head out to get materials as a result, the measurements aren’t accurate and again can cost you time and money. By taking measurements more than once, you can verify that they are accurate and avoid unnecessary stress.

Avoid Leaving Wires Exposed

While this is not something we see often outside of the walls, it tends to happen within them when people are overwhelmed and just don’t want to finish the job properly. These circumstances lead them to thinking that if the wires are within the walls, that they are safe. However, wires inside the walls still need to be tucked away correctly and covered to keep mice, bugs, and other potential fire hazards and other risks that might result in much larger problems with your wiring.

Avoid Leaving Your Old Flooring Down

It might seem like an unnecessary expense and a waste of time, but removing your old floors before installing new ones will be worth the time and money. Avoid taking shortcuts like this because it gets the job done faster as it can result in uneven floors or your old floors lifting out the new. Both of these circumstances would lead to you having to remove everything, both the old and new, so you may as well do it right the first time.

Avoid Using Standard Outlets in Your Bathroom and Near Sources of Water

Outlets near water and in the bathrooms cannot be standard, bedroom or living room style wall outlets. These have to be a ground-fault circuit interrupter as this will allow you to cut off electricity to the plug should it end up in water. When it comes to safety, don’t cut corners.

Avoid Using Cost-Effective Adhesives

For bathroom and kitchen renovations, standard tape and/or glue is not a way for you to cut corners and save money. When it comes to the structure of your home, it is important you obtain proper materials including adhesives. Be sure to get the specific tape and glue that is needed to do the job the right way. Duct tape and superglue are not always the answer even if they are cost-efficient.

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