10 Ways to Modernize Your Bathroom During a Bathroom Renovation…

After the end of a long day, there is no better way to relax than by taking a warm bath or shower– it is almost as if the water seems to wash away your worries. This is one reason why bathroom renovations are a must for homeowners as they transition their old space to one a relaxing retreat. Not only will sprucing up your bathroom provide you with a luxurious feel, it will also increase the value of your home and make it more appealing to buyers should you decide to list it in the future. You might be wondering how you can modernize your bathroom to get the look and feel you desire? You’re in luck! The following are 10 tips that are sure to give your bathroom and update look…

Make It Match

You might be overwhelmed by all of the options on the market, but one of the best ways that you can create a modern look that flows is by matching your fixtures, flooring, and tiles. Pick either a dark or light scheme and stick with it. It can be tempting to mix and match but you won’t regret making sure that everything matches well. This will also be more attractive to buyers as the space won’t seem super customized.

Where You “Go” Matters

Did you know that there is a right way to position your toilet? Well there is. You should place your toilet in a spot where it won’t be seen as soon as someone enters the room. We tend to keep our bathroom doors open to air them out and toilets aren’t the most eye catching thing in the room. This is why keeping it out of sight is ideal.

How High Should Your Bathroom Vanity Be?

It is recommended that your bathroom countertop is between 32 and 34 inches above the floor. This seems to be the standard for homes across the country. However, if you choose an above the counter vessel sink, you should reduce the height of the countertop accordingly. For example, if the height of your sink is 5 inches, your countertop should be between 27 and 29 inches off of the ground.

Create Space Using Lighter Colors

If your bathroom is on the smaller side, choosing lighter colors throughout the room is an easy way to create more space.

Leave the Toilets and Tubs White or Cream

While there are many ways that you can add color to your space, you should leave the toilet and bathtub white or cream. When homeowners chose colored options for these items, they tend to become outdated fast– think 70’s style pink and green fixtures. By keeping them neutral, you can avoid having to replace them down the road as they will go with any updates.

Lighting Placement Is Important

Surprisingly in the room where people tend to check themselves out the most, the lighting is often the worst. Scone lights around or above the mirror are perfect in the bathroom. This will allow you to have adequate lighting where you need it the most.

Install a Dimmer Switch

Remember when we talked about how relaxing a warm bath after a long was? Well dim lighting only makes baths more relaxing and enjoyable. Installing a dimmer switch gives you the option to choose the best lighting depending on your needs.

Add a Focal Piece

Personalize your space by adding a decorative focal piece. This may be a wardrobe or accent chair. Use your wardrobe to store towels, soaps, and more so that it becomes practical and is more than just a design piece. If you are running low on space, consider moving other items to another room to make up for the lost space.

Mirrors Are For More Than Just Looking At Yourself

Sure mirrors allow us to look at ourselves but they serve more purpose than hat alone. Use your bathroom mirror as a design piece to add character. Mirrors can also be used to add light and create space.

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