Benefits of Hiring a Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Expert…

Overtime most kitchens and bathroom need updating. A full kitchen or bathroom remodel is no small undertaking. Most of the time it’s going to be best for your to call in a professional to help design, oversee, and install your project. A full scale remodel of your kitchen or bathroom will require planing, technical knowledge, and project management. A professional can handle all of it for you and make sure you get the design and products that suit your space. We would like to share a few reasons why hiring a professional will be beneficial for you…

Planning is Key

Planning your kitchen or bathroom remodel is the foundation for a successful project. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on when you plan to remodel your kitchen or bathroom. A remodel does not start with the demolition. So much must happen before the actual remodel begins and careful planning, design, and budgeting will be crucial to a successful project. An experienced professional has the training and expertise to help you get the most out of your available space and budget.

Leave the Day to Day Problems To Your Designer/Installer

Hiring a professional designers and installer means you do not have to act as your own general contractor and you won’t have to miss work get everything done. It also means that you will be involved in the all the important decisions but not have to deal with the day to day problems and smaller complications that come along with a project of this size.  You will be involved in selecting styles, colors, and products for your remodel and other important decisions. Talking with a designer will help you translate your ideas and inspiration into a beautiful and functional kitchen or bathroom. After discussing your wants, needs, and budget… your designer will create an initial design which you can revise together until it matches your vision and goals.

Professional Product Knowledge Will Help You Get Exactly What You Want

There are many decisions involved in a complete remodel for your kitchen or bathroom. After finalizing your kitchen design, you will order the cabinets. The lead time for cabinetry will vary depending on the cabinet manufacturer. Usually cabinetry takes four to six weeks to build and deliver. As you choose appliances, keep in mind that their sizes affect cabinets. Communicate any appliance changes with your designer before ordering cabinets to confirm that they will fit with your final design. An experienced kitchen and bath design professional will not only have an in depth knowledge of product lines, but also be able to advise you on how to create stunning color combination, add in texture, and put together a design to achieve your style goals.

Professionals Help You Create a Realistic Budget and Stay Within It

Setting a budget for your kitchen or bath remodel and staying within it sounds so obvious and simple, but it’s harder than you think. If you think working with a design professional will result in a more expensive project, this is not true. An experienced designer and remodeling expert will help you create a realistic transparent budget that allows you to understand all the expenses involved in your project up front. Face it, you will be eating a lot of meals in restaurants or bringing home take-out food while your kitchen is torn up. Fit this expense into your budget in a kitchen remodel. It’s a good idea to choose Plan A and Plan B options for appliances, counter tops, tile – just about everything. If you keep a running list of alternatives, a designer can add or delete items to meet your budget. If you can stay flexible about the final choices, you’ll have maneuvering space if unexpected costs arise, such as replacing rotted lumber or non-code-compliant electrical wiring, etc.

Professionals Save You Time and Worry

Time is a precious commodity, a full remodel renovation is a time-consuming endeavor. Hiring a trustworthy professional means you can leave the day to day activity in the hands of your remodeling team. You will be involved in the process, particularly in the planning stage, but a least you know your life can continue while your project is in progress.

Conclusion: Professional Kitchen and Bathroom Designers offer resources you may not have, mitigate risk you can’t afford, and share ideas you didn’t think were possible. A professional designer with experience in renovations will help you save personal time, avoid mistakes, budget wisely, and schedule the project realistically. Hiring a professional can do so much toward ensuring a successful project.

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