7 Ways To Keep Your Kitchen and Living Room From Looking Dated…

Step into a kitchen, and you can immediately guess the decade when it was last remodeled. The kitchen is so much more than simply four walls, this room tends to get stuck in time more easily than others in the house. Trends come and go and if you failed to update your kitchen and living room for too long you may have a dated-looking space. The following are a few ideas for updating that dated look…


For those of us who survived avocado green and harvest gold kitchens in the 70’s it’s no wonder neutral appliances have anchored kitchens for the past few decades. From bisque and white of the ’80s and ’90s to modern stainless steel, homeowners have been wary of new appliance colors for a long time. But after a long break from more vibrant appliance colors, trends are shifting back in that direction. Even black appliances are now a trend.

Copper Everything

These days we’re blessed with numerous types of metals to play around with within our homes. Your kitchen by necessity is filled with cold, hard surfaces. Luminous metallics add comfort to your kitchen, making your space feel sophisticated and glamorous. The recent trend is to replace jars, containers, and decorative plates of copper with brass, silver, or even matte black.

Area Rugs

You never realize just how much an area rug can make or break a room until you hit the carpet jackpot and get it oh-so-right. Between figuring out the right size for your space and narrowing down the pattern and texture that appeals most to you and your aesthetic, picking a rug can be a time-consuming activity—but the beauty of it is how wonderfully a gorgeous rug can tie a space together.

Ceiling Fans

Trends are moving toward tossing the ceiling fans. The advantages of natural ventilation are compelling. The energy costs are dramatically lowered down, air quality is improved. Overall, using natural ventilation in your home can have a tremendous positive impact on its occupants, the building itself, and the environment.

Floral drapes

Wallpaper may be back in, but loud, floral drapes are out. Skip the heavy floral design and go for a simple design that does not take over the look of your space.

Analog Thermostats

Switch to a digital thermostat. Digital thermostats are accurate thermostats that will not only make your home or workplace more comfortable but will also contribute to lowering electricity bills and being energy efficient. Upgrade to a current, clean look.

A Lot of Clutter

Clutter ruins flow, space, and give off nervous energy in your kitchen and living room.

  • Keep the countertops clear
  • Keep things in cabinets (or become a minimalist)
  • Follow the “one in, one out” rule
  • Follow the “don’t put it down, put it away” rule
  • Don’t use the refrigerator as an art gallery
  • Find alternatives to the pile
  • Do a chore a day, instead of all at once
  • Let yourself have one messy drawer
  • Always leave the rooms better than you found it

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