Kitchen Design Tips – Planning a Kitchen Design That Will Stand the Test of Time…

We are passionate about remodeling and we love seeing how the design process enhances the lifestyle of our clients. The following are a few tips ideas and trends that we’ve discovered over the years that can help you create a new kitchen design that will stand the test of time…

Make Your Kitchen Accessible 

Your kitchen is the center of family life. A kitchen design for a couple to age in place is very different than for the family with small children. Your young family will require a snack area with a designated homework space. On the other hand, a couple with limited mobility may want a design more accessible and easy to use. Every family is unique and their requirements change over time. There are many features that will stand the test of time if you plan to stay in your current home as you age.

Customize Your Storage Areas

Easy storage access is a great idea for any kitchen design. As the home of appliances, cookware and every specialty gadget, the kitchen is and always will be a perplexing place to organize. Customized storage is a great idea for any kitchen but it is especially important when you are planning around mobility. Include pull out shelves, corner pull outs and lazy susans. Drawers are a great option to store utensils, pot, pans and much more. Store heavier items where you do not have to bend or reach high. Make sure you store your items so they are easier to access, making it easier to find and lift items that would otherwise strain your back, knees and shoulders.

Take Into Consideration Your Mobility Concerns

Accessible or Universal Kitchens are built to accommodate everyone! Remodeling your kitchen to the standard of universal design allows you to stay in your home through all seasons of life. Universal design is also great for children who are active in the kitchen. Choosing a universal kitchen creates a safe environment that accommodates all walks of life in comfortable yet stylish fashion. When mobility is a concern the last thing you want is to have to reach high or low or to carry heavy items from one location to the other. Always start with a well-planned layout. Universal kitchen design idea insures people of all ages and abilities effective use of your kitchen.

Ease of Movement

Make sure you have adequate clearance around all storage areas and appliances. Chose a pot filler-installing a pot filler faucet over the stove top negates the need to carry a pot full of water to and from the sink. Wall ovens can be installed at any level making them perfect option for people with limited mobility. Include a recessed niche beneath your sink and cook-top so that people who use a wheelchair or other mobility device can reach the area.

Slip Resistant Flooring 

Choose comfortable slip resistant flooring, such as cork to make moving throughout the kitchen safe for everyone. Choose surfaces that are easy to clean and care for. Solid surfacing, such as granite and laminate are a great option for the counter tops.

Creativity makes all the difference in remodeling your home! Becraft Plus has vast experience designing kitchens. Contractor experience makes all the difference. 

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