5 Current Home Design Trends You Should Know About…

If there is one way to describe the interior design trends we will see more of in future, it’s anything goes. Accent walls and all-white kitchens will not be going away entirely but they will certainly evolve in the upcoming years. Interior and furniture designers say that when it comes to design in the next decade, individuality will be extremely important. The follow are the current design trends…

Redesigning Spaces For Your Family’s Needs

People are staying home a lot more, it changes their relationship with their spaces, and people feel more comfortable investing in them. We are seeing more and more people look at the entire footprint of their home and redesigning the interior to suit their needs. Many take the opportunity to move or knock down walls, or just shift functions of different rooms. Remodeling space is the current trend.

Adding Bedrooms and Bathrooms

When families grow, it is time to add-on. Additions are a big thing, especially for older homes. More often than not, bedrooms and baths are on the want list. These are excellent choices and increase the value of your home and are an upgrade to your quality of life.

Lower Level / Basement Remodeling

Homes that have extra, unused basement spaces are ripe for renovation. Finishing a basement to create an extra room can raise a home’s value and provide a place for families. Your lower level can be finished with the same style and quality of finishes as the rest of the home. Because this space is the same size as the floor above, it automatically gives you tons more livable square footage without trading in a portion of your yard.

Large Flexible Spaces

Flexible space is where it’s at! Forget distinct living rooms, dining room, and studies. People seem to be asking for more from their spaces and striving to make it feel like a place of respite and relaxation. People don’t want rooms that only get used a handful of days per year. They want multi-purpose rooms that they can enjoy every day.

Rooms Centered Around Entertaining

Wine cellars and bars are undergoing a ground-breaking transformation that is moving them from just basements to the center of a household’s entertaining rooms. There has been a whole movement to entertain at home and to eat in. Entertaining rooms are not just for the ultra-high-end homes, they are finding their way into basements or pantries in every size and style of home. A focus on next-level entertainment has made staying in as much fun as a night out on the town.

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