Remodeling Tips – Questions to Ask Your Remodeling Contractor

Remodeling is a big financial and emotional investment. Make sure your contractors are properly vetted. There is certainly not a shortage of contractors who claim they can get your job done without a glitch. Knowing what to expect before the project gets started will help you better prepare for the process.

Have You Done a Similar Project? Can You Give Me References?

You need to know if your potential contractor has the ability, as well as the resources to do the job. A contractor who’s been plying his trade locally for five or 10 years has an established network of subcontractors and suppliers in the area and a local reputation to uphold. That makes them a safer bet than a contractor who’s either new to the business or planning to commute to your job from 50 miles away. Those who have worked with them in the past will be a good source of information when considering hiring them.

Do You Offer a Warranty and How Long Have You Been In Business?

The contractor may be hired to do a variety of different jobs on a home, from a complete remodel to a cosmetic update. When a contractor is hired, the property owner is dependent on the contractor’s knowledge, skill, and expertise in complying with all local building codes and in providing a quality finished product. As such, the owner is concerned about whether a contractor warranty is available against defects of workmanship or service. A homeowner’s right to such a warranty is determined both by state law and by whether the contractor has included a warranty in the construction or remodeling contract. You need to know that the contractor ensures you’ll either get what you pay for, or you’ll get your money back.

What is the Typical Percentage of Change Orders on Your Project?

A change order is a component of the change management process in which changes in the scope of work by the client and contractor are implemented. From project start to close, a contractor’s percentage of change orders will indicate how close the contractor stays to the agreed-upon budget.

Are you Lead RRP Certified?

New EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Rules. The EPA has ruled that contractors who perform renovation, repairs, and painting must train and re-certify in lead-safe work practices before renovating certain projects. These new EPA rules took effect on April 22, 2010. These required permits are for homeowner safety, and they ensure that the work at the house is up to code. If a contractor doesn’t have those permits, that raises a red flag.

Do You Employ Your Carpenters?

General contractors are the “big picture” thinkers. They work with you through the entire project, from the idea phase to the finished product. By contrast, if they hire subcontractors those workers come and go. They specialize in certain areas of the construction process. Some contractors sub out the entire project. It’s crucial to know that the people on your property are accounted for and have a good relationship with the business you hire. So you should know up front if your contractor hires carpenters or uses subcontractors.

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