Should I Use Marble or Quartz Countertops When I Remodel My Bathroom or Kitchen? See Video…

Are Marble Countertops Right For My Family? Marble Countertops are always such a hit and it is no wonder because of its natural elegance. However marble does come with its share of maintenance and cost. One enemy to marble is water. Water leaves marks so if you are a perfectionist, it might drive you bananas.

Marble Countertops…

  • Require coasters put under glasses
  • Can’t have hot items placed on them
  • Can scratch easily and need trivets or mats to prevent it
  • Need to be resealed annually
  • Can be scratched and corroded
  • Are expensive

Maybe Quartz Is a Good Alternative For Your Family…

Basically, Quartz has the same look as marble without the high maintenance. The quartz comes in a variety of colors and shades with veining that looks natural. Quartz slabs are produced in a way that allows you to can get it exactly the color, texture and pattern that you desire. The slab is the same thickness as marble, and is shaped, cut and finished using the same stone–cutting equipment.

Quartz Countertops…

  • Do not require sealing or other routine maintenance to maintain its beauty and functionality.
  • Are durable and scratch resistant
  • Have lifetime warranties
  • Have a surface where bacteria can’t grow
  • Are more affordable than marble

This all being said… Marble may still make the statement you want to make. Also knowing who will be using and cleaning the countertops will help you decide if you want quartz or marble countertops in your home.

Becraft Plus has a lot of experience installing marble and quartz countertops for our customers and we know which products work best in the certain environments!

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