Smart Remodeling Tips – Three Areas for Optimizing Your Kitchen Layout

Defining the work zones in your kitchen can help to improve organization and placement of appliance, storage and other items. Once you know your work zones, you can make the most out of your layout. Whether you’re hauling in groceries or cooking a family meal, layout is key to making your kitchen work for you.

Refrigerator Zone

This would be your consumable zone. Ideally the refrigerator is at an entry to the kitchen with counter space on either side or in front of it. This makes the zone perfect for loading and unloading groceries or grabbing food items for meal preparation. The refrigerator zone is where your cabinet space, storage racks , equipment and food when not in use should be accessible.

Sink Zone

This would be your cleaning zone and would include your dishwasher is you have one. Food preparation and other common tasks will be performed here. This is the busiest zone of the kitchen and works best when it is between the refrigerator and range zones. Storing everyday flatware and glassware will make unloading and loading dishes a breeze. This zone should also be where you store cleaning materials and have your trash receptacles. It is important that the sink zone has the most uncluttered countertop space so you can use it for food preparation and clean up after meals.

Range Zone

This would be your hot zone. This is where you will be cooking food. Appliances often include stovetops, ovens, microwaves and indoor grills. Clean uncluttered countertop space is essential alongside or directly across from the ovens and cooktop. Storing potholders, platters and serving bowls in this area add efficiency for final food preparation and presentation. Spices, pots, pans and cooking utensils are also important to have in this zone.

Sectioning Off Your Kitchen Will Maximize Efficiency

Work zones are really just the natural evolution of the kitchen work triangle. As kitchens grew in size and opened up to other rooms in the house, it became more of a challenge to place appliances in a neat triangular layout. We also have more appliances than ever before — dishwashers, extra sinks, microwaves, separate cooktops and wall ovens — not to mention more people working and socializing in the space.

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