Types of Exterior Doors – Which is the Right One For Your Remodeling Project?

When it comes to home improvement, a door replacement is where you’re going to get the most bang for your buck. Doors will add about as much to the value of your home as they cost to purchase and install. When it comes to an exterior door, function, security and style are all important. Let’s walk through some of today’s exterior door options.


Sliding Patio Door vs. French Door

The sliding patio door usually offers more light and open living space. Sliding doors offer more functional space and are perfect for creating an airy effect. However French doors can have 2 window panes or 24 panes and are considered to have more character. And let’s face it, in most cases your sliding glass door is going to be the weaker choice if security is a concern.

In – Swing French Door

French doors have an aesthetic appeal that achieves an elegant, timeless look inside or outside the home. In-Swing French Doors open to the interior of a home and maintain usable space on the outside of the door. Access is where French doors are going to shine. If you want to move something large through sliding doors, you’re going to have to take them out. French doors quickly give you a large opening to move through. A down side to the French door is with French doors, you’re going to have the swing of the doors competing for space where furniture will be–or should be. This can severely impact the usability of a room.

Bi Fold Door

The demand in the market continues to be for windows and doors that allow even more natural light, unobstructed views and connection to the outdoors. The Bi Fold Door offers plenty of scenic views and is great for elegant entertaining. By folding up the leaves you can turn a family room into an open air space. Bi fold doors can span up to 55 feet wide for unparalleled flexibility and impressive aesthetics.. Consider this door if you are looking for a “WOW” factor for your home.

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