Outdoor Rooms – Ways to Move Your Indoor-style Living Outside!

Being outdoors and spending time on the deck or patio brings a smile to everyone’s face. Do you have a favorite outdoor living area or are you just dreaming of creating one? If design is on your mind, take a look at some of the best outdoor living trends and ideas for inspiration to help you create an al fresco oasis at home.

Go Inside – Out

New durable outdoor fabrics and materials make furnishings more suitable for outdoors year-round. Use your personal style to create a comfortable seating area with waterproof furniture and area rugs made from recycled plastics. Bright colored ceramic tables and accent pillows add a splash of color while decorative outdoor light fixtures and fun lanterns create an inviting glow. Your evenings spent outside just went from blah to ahhhhh!

Create Outdoor Rooms

Okay, so we’ve moved the indoor living space outdoors, but you can take it a step further – give your outdoor area more definition and make it more functional in the process by creating outdoor “rooms”. Think of dividing your garden or yard space the same way you would inside your home by creating places for eating, lounging, and playing. Start by setting up an intimate seating area around a fire pit – great for conversation. A table and umbrella in another area creates a great space for outdoor dining. Add an outdoor area rug for extra flair. When designing your layout, think about flow throughout the space just as you would inside your home.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are all the rage these days. We get it – who wants to be stuck in a hot kitchen on a beautiful evening, when you could be cooking and dining outside with the rest of your family and guests. Create your outdoor kitchen by adding some counter-style prep space around an outdoor grill. Even better – consider adding a prep sink or icemaker if you have an available water connection. Don’t stop now – if you have an electrical connection, go one step further and add an under counter refrigerator to keep those cold beverages close at hand. No more running inside to grab cold food and beverages. Best of all – that large, unsightly cooler is now passé`.

Open Up

If you love the idea of an outdoor kitchen, but you don’t have the room or utilities to create one, then consider adding a large sliding door or pass thru window to open up your kitchen to the outside world. A great option is to add a counter and some stools to create an instant meal prep, serving and bar area. Function and fun – it’s the best of both worlds!

Introduce the Elements

Two outdoor living ideas that are catching on fast – fire and water features. Water reflects the sky and adds calming ambient white noise while cooling humidity. Fire warms us and draws us together. A water feature can be as large as a pool or as simple as a recirculating fountain. Who doesn’t love an outdoor fireplace or fire pit? S’mores anyone? If your space is limited, a bowl of candles or a grouping of lanterns can create the same, cozy effect. Adding these natural elements to your outdoor living areas helps to promote balance and relaxation. What’s not to like?

Places to Gather

Don’t miss the opportunity to make your outdoor living area multi-purpose and a true extension of your indoor space. Be entertainment-ready with a few fun ideas…

  • Add built-in seating around the perimeter or along one side
  • A bar or wall mounted ledge for serving beverages or food is a party essential
  • Lounge seating around a coffee table or fire pit – great gathering spot!
  • Outdoor entertainment such a wireless stereo speakers or flat screen TV
  • Ambient lighting for evening entertaining – think outdoor fixtures, lanterns, string lights

Time to Relax

We all need some down time and our outdoor living areas should provide us with a place to relax and escape our busy schedules. When laying out yours, don’t forget to create a corner where you can escape to read, relax, and block out the rest of the world. Consider adding one or more of these calming features…

  • Yoga platform
  • Hammock
  • Comfy chair and ottoman or lounge chair for reading
  • Daybed
  • Porch swing
  • Water feature for that calming effect

Add a Pergola or Pavilion

Beat the heat with style by adding a pergola or pavilion to your outdoor living space. This semi-enclosed area will help keep you cool on the hottest days. Many outdoor furnishing companies now sell pergola and pavilion kits so adding one to your home can be a simple update to your deck or patio. Whether lounging, cooking or dining, a pergola or pavilion creates that perfectly shaded spot to enjoy the outdoors.

Backyard Shed

It’s not your grandfather’s shed anymore. Today’s backyard shed is no longer just for extra storage. Cool-prefabs and some clever designing can help you create an awesome backyard hideaway. A backyard shed can house a home office, art studio, game room and even spa-like bathroom with a garden view. Don’t stop there – go all out and extend your shed with a deck, terrace or pergola to add even more functionality and comfort to your outdoor living areas. Whether for work or play, don’t overlook a backyard shed as a useful and versatile outdoor living extension to your home.

Plan and Visualize your Outdoor Living Ideas

Go wild with your imagination when it comes to designing that outdoor paradise you desire – Garden layouts, decks and terraces along with outdoor kitchens, pergolas, pavilions, sheds – you name it! If you dream it, we can help you make it happen. An oasis is waiting for you – in that outdoor space just a few steps away. Turn it into more.

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