5 Common Kitchen and Bath Design and Remodeling Myths That Many Homeowners Believe…

Thinking about remodeling your kitchen or bath? You’ll find lots of misconceptions that can confuse your decision making process.

Remodeling My Bath or Kitchen Doesn’t Add Value To My Home

Kitchen and bath remodeling will actually bring you a better return for you money, than most other home remodeling projects. Although remodeling your bedroom may add comfort and luxury to your home, you will not get the same value, as a kitchen or bath remodel. Kitchen and bath remodels indicate an affluent lifestyle that buyers are look for.

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling is Too Expensive

Once you set your budget, you can begin your research to determine what works for your kitchen or bath remodel. Even small updates can help the value of your home and attract the right buyer, if you are preparing to sell your home. The cost for a remodel is substantially higher than a simple redecorating project, but the gratification you receive, is well worth the money spent.

Hiring a Professional Is Too Expensive

Who knows best how to remodel a kitchen or bath, but the professional remodeling company? There are experts who design kitchen and baths for their careers, so why not rely on a professional? You can share your ideas with them, they know what’s available to help you create your fabulous kitchen or bath and help you find the best solution to any problems. Professional remodelers help you work within your budget and timeline.

Style Is More Important Than Practicality

You can add both, but always remember practicality, when designing your kitchen or bath. When selecting your design, remember to keep a balance between beautiful styles and use of the room. You probably want your kitchen to be family friendly, and your bathroom to reflect your lifestyle.

Cutting Corners Saves You Money

Consider how you use your kitchen and bathroom before deciding to cut corners. You may regret that you didn’t spend a little more to get that extra added feature you always wanted. Choosing quality brands will normally add a longer live to new appliances, bathroom faucets, shower heads, lighting, and the list goes on. It normally will cost you more money, if you decide to add an extra after the project has been completed.

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