Remodeling Tips – Ways to Remodel Your Home to Make It More Healthy for Your Family

You have probably heard of the term “healthy home” by now, it’s something we are hearing about more frequently. Homeowners are becoming more concerned about the overall health of their homes, and more and more homeowners want to remodel, to avoid possible health problems in the future. The following are some simple tips to make your home healthier…

Radon and Carbon Monoxide

Add a carbon monoxide detector, especially if you have an attached garage. Two types of gases, Radon and Carbon Monoxide, are frequently found in homes in the United States. Both of these gases could be deadly, and they are colorless and odorless, making it harder to detect.
Your home can easily and quickly be tested for Radon.

Do We Really Need Flame Retardant Chemicals?

Home safety experts are studying the use of retardant chemicals that make furniture slow to burn. The subject it not yet decided, but many of the retardant chemicals are being studied to determine the actual safety of their use. They are ending up on a list as possibly being harmful to our health.

Lead Removal

When was your home built? If it’s prior to 1978, there’s a chance that at least one layer of paint in your home contains lead. Some major health reports indicate that elevated levels of lead may lead to violent behaviors. However, those violent levels are being phased out as lead is being decreased in our communities. It doesn’t take much to test your home for lead paint, but it is expensive to have removed! Educate yourself about your home and health.

Paint Can and Chemical Storage

Do you have partially used paint cans, pesticides or other chemicals? Be sure they are not kept in the living areas of your home. Put them in sheds, or if you are through using them, take them to a licensed recycler for safe disposal.

Natural and Artificial Lights

Bring the light, but also add artificial light for a healthy home. Both lights are essential. Natural sun light reduces the production of harmful bacteria and organisms that can grow in any house. It’s also helps produce red blood cells and  increases the vitamin B and vitamin D in our bodies

Replace Carpeting

Love your wall to wall carpeting? Think about it again, it’s like a big sponge, absorbing everything around it. Some carpet warranties are voided if you don’t clean them at least twice every year. Many homeowners are switching back to hard surface floor for easier cleaning and a healthier home. You may want to add an area rug for comfort and design, but it can be easily lifted for more frequent cleanings.

Fresh Air Exchange

Homes are now being built with tighter ventilation systems, which can be a good thing. But lack of ventilation can be a problem because homes need a certain number of “air exchanges” every hour. Your home needs to be refreshed, or replaced with fresher, conditioned air, for a healthy home. It may cost some money for an HVAC expert to evaluate your home, but it’s money well spent, to be sure your home meets its minimum number of fresh air exchanges per hour.

Smoke Alarms

Always change those batteries in your smoke alarms twice a year (unless your system suggests otherwise). If you have young children, be sure they know what to do if the smoke alarm goes off. Some children sleep so deeply, they don’t even hear the alarm, even if it’s very close to them! Have a plan, educate yourself and your children, that smoke alarms a serious business that’s not to be ignored.


Mold can attract lots of unwanted creatures like termites and other critters. It can form under the crawl space of your home, or anywhere there might be a leak in your house. It begins as moisture to wood and forms into mold.

Change Your HVAC Filters

A simple thing, that only takes a few minutes, is not expensive, and can actually reduce heating bills and improve the smell of your home, is to replace filters! If you have a furnace, you have a filter. When you check it, you’ll probably be amazed at the dust, hair, dust mites and other unwelcome guests you’ll find on the old filter. Replacing your furnace filter should be done about twice a year for a healthier home.

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