Basement Renovation Tip – Adding More Living Space to Your Existing Home To Avoid the Hassle of Moving!

There is a lot you can do to a basement to untap some major living space potential! Once you know what your family needs, you can start dreaming. It’s usually easier and less expensive to renovate a basement than to move into a large home. There are 3 types of basements upgrades…

Cosmetic Basement Upgrade

These projects usually last about 6-10 weeks can can really bring a basement into the present with some relatively easy upgrades. With this kind of upgrade you won’t be moving any of your utilities.

Additional Living Space Upgrade

Maybe you need a family room or need a apartment like basement for an elderly parent.  You can double your space by upgrading your basement. Depending on the use for the area, you may need a separate entrance, cooking equipment, bedrooms, a bathroom, etc.

Foundation Replacement Upgrade

Maybe you need to replace an old foundation that isn’t structurally intact or may be leaking. For this upgrade you’ll need to lift the house and build a new foundation. These projects can take at least 2 months but once lifted you will be able to decide on how high you want your basement to be and if you need to replaces the sewer and water links, etc.

Remodeling Ideas By Persona…

  • Busy Parents – You need space! An office or den or master suite in the basement would give you a place to get away.
  • Entertainers – You need a space for get together and parties. And entertainment room, a bar, and a bunch of seating may be up your alley.
  • Fitness Family – A place for a home gym equipment.
  • Loungers – A family room for everybody when it’s time for some down time.
  • Thrill Seekers – A home theater for movies and a gaming area for gamers.
  • Professionals – A home office for entrepreneurs or busy professionals that need a work space at home.

Creativity makes all the difference in remodeling your home! Becraft Plus has vast experience in designing and remodeling basements of every kind. Contractor experience makes all the difference. 

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