Countertop Choices Series – Recycled, Solid Glass, Marble, and Butcher Block Countertops

Recycled Glass

An impressive choice for your kitchen counter that is one of a kind can be accomplished by using recycled glass. They are available in an assortment of colors and the concrete base can also be any color you desire.

You may want to consider vetrazzo for your counter since it’s rather simple to maintain as compared to natural stone. For daily use just wipe the counter with mild soap and water and to keep its shine it’s suggested you apply a marble polish two or three times yearly. It’s also recommended that you reseal it every year or two to maintain its fresh look. To apply a sealant is easy, just wipe it on the counter, let it sit about 20 minutes and then wipe clean.

Vetrazzo does require some care and its porosity is equal to some granite and better than marble or concrete. Most of the surface is glass and therefore is resistant to stains. Coffee and tea, if left on the surface, will most likely leave some stains. Also some acids such as red wine, lemon juice, or vinegar, can leave some stains on the concrete area between the stones. Like other counters you still need to wipe up any spills. Vetrazzo is a strong and lasting choice that will last for many years. It can even be repaired by your fabricator if damage does occur. If you are more laid back, you can appreciate the natural patina of your counter, without worrying about staining.

Solid Glass Countertops

Solid glass can also be used for a counter and can be different is thickness. The thicker the glass the darker the color tint will be. You can add patterns or texture to glass counters by sandblasting or etching. Cleanup is simple using regular glass cleaner.

Marble Countertops

Marble is a softer stone than granite and is mostly used in bathrooms as opposed to kitchens. Using natural stone will provide an exclusive counter with its own pattern that you don’t find in man-made materials.

Penetrating sealer can be used when first installed to help prevent stains. Since all natural stones can chip, scratch, and stain, care needs to be taken when using oils and acids.

Butcher Block Countertops

A butcher block countertop is a great choice for a one of a kind counter! They can be made from several types of wood including storm damaged trees, old beams, sinker logs, old barn wood, reclaimed wood, a less known type such as madrone, and other woods. If you install butcher block countertops, expect to see cuts and wear and tear on the surface. You may prefer to use it as an accent piece outside the work area to protect the awesome texture and color contrast. Either way, they are a beautiful addition to your kitchen design.

Countertop Choices Series

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