What Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost? Understand the Following Factors that Affect The Cost of a Bathroom Remodel…

It’s amazing how a new bathroom design can enhance your lifestyle, but what does it cost? Like many things in life… It depends but you can get some ballpark figures together after you figure out the specifics of what you want in your bathroom. The following will help you figure out the approximate cost of your bathroom remodeling project…

Factors that Affect The Cost of a Bathroom Remodel

  • Size of the bathroom
  • Quality of materials
  • Design
  • Labor

The Average Spend Per Square Foot for A Bathroom Remodeling Project

The normal bathroom remodel includes durable materials, fixtures, plumbing, lighting, and more so this makes a bathroom remodel one of the more expensive projects in your house. The average spend for a bathroom remodel is about $450/sq. ft. That’s the tough new but the good news is that homeowners tend to recoup on average 100% of the costs in resale value. The change in your lifestyle can be priceless.

Bathroom Remodeling Expenses By Category

  • Design Fees: 5%
  • Installation: 30-40%
  • Materials, fixtures, cabinetry, flooring, doors, windows, lighting, and other goods are the remainder of the cost
  • Things happen and change so it’s good to have a contingency budget plan that allow at least for a 10% increase from your initial budget.

Watch Your Materials Cost

A large factor that influences the total cost of your bathroom is the materials you choose. There is a wide selection of materials available with a wide range of costs. It’s very easy to see your budget balloon if you don’t keep your material costs in check. It’s all give and take. Maybe you care less about cabinetry and and more about countertops. Maybe you can cost some cost by not have such an elaborate tile design. Rule of thumb is to pick 1-2 splurge items and be practical on the rest of your decisions.

Large Bathrooms Will Require More Materials

Large rooms that require more materials will inflate your costs quickly also, especially in the case of tile and the labor you’ll need to to install it. Changing layouts, moving fixtures, moving plumbing, or extending a room will always add to your costs. A great design could keep you in a small space and save you a lot!

Bathroom Remodel Ranges

  • Partial Remodel – Replacing specific items, such as cabinets, countertops, faucets, and toilet.
  • Basic Renovation – Maintains the existing structure and layout with off the shelve products and lower material costs.
  • Mid-Range Remodel – Using better quality fixtures, faucets, flooring, and sink, and includes other features like a recessed medicine cabinet or a larger shower.
  • Upscale Remodel – A re-design of the layout and structure, moving fixtures and extending the size of the bathroom. Includes more tile work, maybe a double vanity, upgraded plumbing, and all high end materials picked for their durability and uniqueness.

A great designer and remodeler can help you every step of the way. They can help you find the best way to make concessions and find alternatives to keep your new Bathroom remodeling project affordable for your family!

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