Home Design Tips – What is Modern Coastal Design?

Now, when you hear “coastal style” you may immediately think of anchors and oars and seashell everything but put “modern” in the mix. Modern Coastal is an updated and more fresh version. It works best when those beachy vibes are conveyed with a measure of restraint, through a feeling or a mood as opposed to an overly themed space. Over the years, coastal design has gotten a little bit of a bad rep. This light and breezy style has become synonymous with overstuffed rooms and kitschy, dated accessories. However, that assumption could not be further from the truth. Every detail of the aesthetics of this design is simplistic elegance. It is geared toward creating a haven from the hectic pace of life. We would like to give you a few suggestions about pulling off Modern Coastal design. These suggestion will not have the old fashioned beach house look.

Layer It Up With Neutrals!

Tone on tone whites, beiges and “greige” are perfect for modern coastal spaces. Greige is a term for a color that looks like yesterday’s oatmeal. It’s become wildly popular. In plain English, it’s gray and beige combined. When darker, the term is bray or you got it, brown and gray. Barely there blues and soft pastels work as well. Whether you’re only a few feet from the waves or a thousand miles away, stepping into one of these rooms should make you feel as though you’re on vacation. The easiest way to achieve that outcome is by using these relaxing color pallets. Even your accent shades should be more subdued and have beachy connotation with aquamarine and coral in them.

Simple is the Main Word for Your Room Layout

Keeping walls mostly bare―save for a few sconces and paintings creates a mood that is calm and uncluttered. Limit furnishings to statement pieces, such as a chaise or a pair of shapely vases. The layout is where modern coastal design really differs from its predecessor. In this case, rather than sticking to the overly filled floor plans that were popular in the past, embrace a minimalist approach that conveys a sense of modern sleekness. To do this, allow the room’s function to be the star. When designing each room, make the furniture, whether it’s a large dining table or cozy seating area — the focal point. Be sure to leave lots of negative space around it so people can move comfortably around the room.

For Fabric… Think Crisp and Clean

Play with plenty of textures. Since the backdrop of modern coastal is largely white and neutral, be sure to mix in loads of texture. Natural fiber rugs (sisal, cotton, jute) and sheers. Pillows are a great way to add playful patterns. While they probably shouldn’t be TOO bold; the occasional unexpected pattern is a wonderful part of Modern Coastal Decor. Going to the beach is a tactile experience (think about digging your toes in the sand or the feel of rocks in your hand) so you want to do your best to re-create those sensations with your design choices. The goal of coastal design is to make people feel comfortable, so be sure to include plenty of plush cushions, throw pillows and blankets to make the space welcoming.

The Final Coastal Touches with Accessories

Use both modern and traditional accents. Create an easy-going beach vibe in your home in the cool, casual colors of sea glass green, sunny coral weathered blue, ocean turquoise and pure white . Coastal living décor, in bold, seaworthy colors of regatta red, sunset gold, sea grass green and true navy will add maritime style to a guest room or master bath; or add an exotic touch to your Modern Coastal Design. The accessories are where you put final coastal touches into your aesthetic. In modern coastal design, you want to stick to fewer accent pieces than you would use in a more traditionally coastal home. That said, don’t be afraid to blend more trendy pieces with one or two statement items that infuse the room with a hint of beachy nostalgia.

These days, modern coastal design is bringing understated comfort into the 21st century. Use these tips to give your interiors a beachy style that feels unquestionably current.

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