What is Shabby Chic Design? – Ways to Incorporate the Shabby Chic Style into Your Home

Shabby Chic is the perfect mix of pulled together and carefree. Shabby Chic design is appealing to many. If done correctly this style strikes the perfect balance between feeling relaxed and looking pulled together. Pulling this all together can be intimidating. We hope to give you a few secrets you need to know to pull your room together with an artistic yet elegant vibe. Shabby chic style, also sometimes known as farmhouse or cottage style and very similar to French country, is a very forgiving, warm, and friendly décor style to have.

A Neutral Background is Most Important

When we say background we are talking about the structural element of the room. Things such as the walls and floors that are not part of your personal belongs. White or very light tan should be considered. This natural background will let other items in the room shine. Since many shabby chic pieces are bold and colorful, the background should remain neutral to balance them out. Center your design around architectural elements like a fireplace or built-in shelving.

Use Vintage or Distressed Furniture to Add Charm

Most of the time, the “shabby” part of “shabby chic” refers to items that feature a weathered or antique aesthetic. Furniture is a great way to infuse this detail into any room While it might raise a few eyebrows, including your own, if you were to decorate your entire space in old, worn-out pieces, there’s something absolutely charming in striking a balance between the beloved and historic with the fresh and new. If you’re purchasing some new- pieces to complete your design, make sure they are well put together, have all their necessary parts and feel sturdy. You can always alter how a piece looks, but there’s no point putting your time and money in to something that won’t be functional for very long.

Mix-and-Match Accessories Help Define the Shabby Chic Style

Accessories are the fun part. A style that mixes antique furniture with pastel colors, lace and feminine florals. If you love this soft and dreamy style, you’re in luck, because shabby chic design and vintage home decor is easy and inexpensive to achieve. Consider throw rugs, blankets, pillows, wall art and decor items to create a cozy and casual space. Try to limit you color scheme to two or three different hues repeated on your room. Mixing and matching is the key. Make sure your room does not look clutter. Make sure each accessory adds not detracts from your vision.

Add in Natural Elements

Spaces that feature a shabby chic design typically have a bright, light and airy feel to them. Varying shades of cream and ivory and strategic pops of texture such as waffle knit or cable knit keep the room fresh, not sterile. One of the easiest ways to drive home that feeling is to bring in some elements from the outdoors. Incorporating plants if you have lots of natural light, think about foregoing curtains in favor of simple window treatments that let in plenty of sun.

In Conclusion

Shabby chic design allows for creative freedom. When done correctly, shabby chic designs are tantalizing. Shabby chic is the best way to display your grandmother’s vintage crocheted doilies- If you love the shabby chic look which is possibly one of the most popular trends ever, give it a try in your home. The design is easy and inexpensive to achieve. At its most basic, shabby chic is up-cycled or antiqued furniture, meaning you can either find old pieces cheaply, or buy modern furniture at a lower cost and give it a shabby chic makeover yourself.

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