What Kind of Kitchen Do You Want? What to Consider Before Remodeling Your Kitchen…

Are you a gourmet chef or a takeout commando? Do you entertain much or not? These answering these and other questions will help you decide which type of kitchen is needed for your lifestyle. The right design professional and remodeler can give you the right amount of storage, lighting, and prep room for your lifestyle!

Questions to Ask Yourself…

  1. What kind of kitchen do you have now?
  2. Does your current kitchen server you needs? Why?
  3. How do you currently user your kitchen?
  4. When you cook, can you cook, wash, and access everything comfortably?
  5. Who cooks now? Do you cook together a the same time?
  6. Do people eat in your kitchen?
  7. Do you entertain in or near your kitchen
  8. Is homework or other activities performed in your kitchen?
  9. How do people pass through the kitchen now?
  10. Do you want to open up your current kitchen?

Common Kitchen Complaints

  • Not enough storage
  • Not enough counter space

The right cabinet system can give you enough storage to also store your appliances off the counters. This way you have storage and counter space! Build the cabinets for the needs of your family and for the workflows and traffic flows of your kitchen. The space between your stove, sink, and refrigerator is majorly important and is called your work triangle.

Keep the Future in Mind

How do you plan to use the kitchen in 5 years, 10 years and 15 years?  If you are going to sell soon, then create a kitchen that most people will enjoy. If you are in your forever home then customize it exactly the way you want it!

Becraft Plus has a lot of experience designing and remodeling homes in all kinds of styles!

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