Move vs. Remodel Series – #2 Weighing the Advantages of Moving and Staying To Help You Make a Decision

You have two choices you can move or you can remodel your current home. Maybe it is too small or maybe too big or maybe too old or just the wrong layout and you feel you need a change. So unless you want to grit your teeth and hang in there you have to make a decision. Are you asking yourself these question? Can I continue to live with only one bathroom? Is this Kitchen going to serve my family’s needs? Wouldn’t it be nice if the children had a playroom? We never use our formal dining room could we make better use of that space?

Factors to Consider

2017 the interest rates are low. This would be a good time to get a mortgage or a home equity line of credit to remodel. Big Decisions!! The following are just a few things to think about so you can make the right choice for you and your family.

Advantages of a Move

Moving is always exciting, as the unknown holds within its grip all kinds of potential. But selling and repurchasing a new home is not for the faint of heart. It’s a stressful time, and you should go in with your eyes wide open. The following are a list of positive reasons to move.

  • Your neighborhood is not the most desirable
  • The city where your home is located no longer offers the services you need
  • You have to much traveling time to and from work
  • You would like to downsize, your home is way too large for your needs
  • You live in a homeowner association community and that prevents you from making the changes you would like to make to your current home
  • Your financial condition has changed and you can no longer afford the upkeep on the home.

Advantages of a Remodel

Ah, a revamped domicile done just how you like it: new rooms, bigger spaces, function and form. Sounds ideal, but before you jump in, know that refurbishing a home has its own unique stresses. The following are a list of positive reason to remodel.

  • We love our Neighborhood
  • We have a low cost of living in our present location
  • We love this community our church is here our doctors and hospitals are here, our friends and organizations are here
  • We have enough room on our property to enlarge if we want to do that
  • If we remodel now we could stay in this home even after retirement
  • The cost of buying a new home considering the cost of the real estate fee, the closing cost and the moving cost is more than the remodel
  • If you are not purchasing a brand new home, there may also be remodeling cost in the new home

Remember That Moving is a Big Hassle!!!

While your out of pocket cost for a move will depend on the sale price of your home, how far you move, the amount of household items you move, plus the cost of a real estate broker and legal fees and moving cost a move could easily add $30,000 or more to the price tag of the moving option. The decision to move or remodel can be a hard one to make. It’s easy to tell when you need more space or a new configuration – the trick is in how best to achieve it. Both relocating and remodeling are commonly used to accomplish the objective, and each can be satisfying and effective if you go in with all the knowledge you can glean. Choosing correctly can minimize your aggravation and ensure your family years of good living.

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Move vs Remodel Series

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