Move vs. Remodel Series – #1 General Questions to Ask Your Self Before You Decide to Remodel or Move

Remodel or Move? That is the age-old question when it comes to fixing up or heading out. We have some suggestions that we hope will help you decide. Lately the number of houses for sale is at a record low, houses are getting older and in need of repairs and remodeling, and of course, people feel more confident investing in their homes than they did in previous years. With this in mind, here are some questions that anyone debating whether to remodel or move should know…

Do We Have Space to Expand?

If space is your problem and remodeling cannot fix that then remodeling is not your answer. Consider other ways to maximize the space you have.

Will We Be Over-improving Our Home Based On Our Neighborhood?

Whatever your home remodeling improvement, they should match the size and sensibility of the area in which you live. You need to make remodeling decisions that make sense financially and aesthetically. Over improving does not always translate into higher resale value.

Will Remodeling Really Give Me What I Want?

Be realistic about how much remodeling can do. If you want to live in a spacious home on a large lot right now, no contractor will be able to turn your tiny urban bungalow into the home of your dreams.

Does Renovating Make Economic Sense?

Timing makes a big difference, in a slow market, you can expect to get a lower price for your home and much less of a payback for improvements than you would receive in a fast market. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects return the most in resale value. Family room conversion in a basement yields the least. Remember the financing cost if you refinanced or used a home equity loan to complete your remodeling project.

Creativity makes all the difference in remodeling your home! Becraft Plus has completed many full home renovations over the years. Contractor experience makes all the difference. 

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Move vs Remodel Series

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