5 Popular Types of Kitchen Designs To Give You Inspiration For Your New Kitchen Remodeling Project…

The open concept is in style today and because of that the kitchen is where everyone gathers. Where the kids do their homework and where family dinners are one of the best parts of the day. Kitchens make a statement about who you are and how you live. Are you thinking about a kitchen remodel? Ask yourself what style of kitchen do I want? What makes you feel good? What style seamlessly ties into the rest of your home? What style will have staying power for years to come? The following gives you some of the most popular kitchen styles and what sets them apart from one another…

Country Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse style has become synonymous with “classic.” Rustic touches like well-worn antiques reclaimed and repurposed treasures, and crisp white ship-lap walls are showing up in homes all over the United States. Farmhouse kitchens—with their ruff-hewn open shelving, painted cabinetry, apron-front sinks, and collections galore—are by far the most coveted. A country farmhouse kitchen is characterized by a large open space with lots of character in way of natural wood accents on walls, ceilings and cabinetry, and wood or wood look floors. Add vintage signage, cabinet doors of glass with wood detailing, rustic lighting and tables, and islands that feature large turned wooden legs. When you walk into a county kitchen you will feel like you are in a historic home where you also feel the warmth that comes with it.

Modern Contemporary Kitchen

A clean, streamlined look is popular in modern contemporary kitchens. Though it’s often dubbed stark and cold, Modern Contemporary is all about creating clean, open, functional, and calming spaces, with plenty of room for character and personal style. To achieve this effect, design surfaces to be continuous and nearly seamless. Flush doors of crisp white cabinets virtually disappear into the wall, incorporating plenty of storage and even the refrigerator into an uninterrupted span. To get this sharp, stylish look, choose cabinets with square corners, appliances with angular edges, and accents, such as pendant lights and barstools, with straight lines. An open and uncluttered layout is the essence of a modern kitchen.

Traditional Kitchen

Despite the rise in contemporary and farmhouse designs, traditional kitchens are still among the most popular kitchen styles. Their basic color palette and grandiose design scheme create a beautiful space that’s sure to stay within style trends for a long time. A traditional kitchen style incorporates a fairly eclectic mix of features, bringing in some characteristics of French county and some of the Farmhouse style. The idea is to create a comfortable, homey space that isn’t married to one overall theme. The main feature of a traditional style kitchen is the attention to detail and the use of decorative accessories. We’re talking wainscoting on the island, crown moldings, corbels, and furniture-like pieces with embellishments in every area of the room. Everywhere you look in a traditional kitchen, there should be an element of adornment, architectural design, or enhanced pieces with decorative accessories. Stay away from bold, geometric patterns and clean lines, these do not work in a traditional kitchen. Opt for furniture with turned legs, marble countertop, cabinet pulls with pattern and detail.

Tuscan, Mediterranean, and French Country Kitchen

Rich brown wood cabinets and floors, natural stone countertops, and warm yellows and reds are characterized by Tuscan, Mediterranean, and French County kitchens. Accents include dark wood beams, perhaps a fireplace, furniture with antique features, and fabric in toile featuring quaint country scenes. When you walk into a French Country kitchen your will immediately feel Old World style and a warm inviting ambiance. These kitchens work well if your overall decorating style veers more toward traditional furnishing and finishes and rich colors throughout your home.

Coastal Kitchen

Calm, cool, and understated. You do not have to live right by the shore to infuse the vibe into your kitchen space. The coastal kitchen area is about white creams, sea green, a million shades of light blue adn seas oat colored browns. Coastal décor recreates the light, airy, laid-back feel of life on the beach. Wood or tile flooring replicates the deck of a ship, a boardwalk, or the floor of a cabana. Coastal décor furniture is made of wicker, rattan, weathered wood, or wood resembling ship timbers. Wall treatments include paint, shiplap, tiling, or thematic wallpaper. The light, bright characteristics of a coastal kitchen style can work in any house, but they work best if your entire space utilized the colors of the sea.

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