Kitchen Design Tips – How To Remodel a Kitchen With Your Busy Family In Mind

Before you begin your kitchen renovation, seriously review how you use your current kitchen and set goals for your remodel. This way, you can stay on track as you make important decisions about floor plan, appliances, cabinetry and more. The heart of the home is the kitchen. If you have a busy family you know the kitchen is much much more than where to cook and prepare food. Creating a space that works for the hectic daily lives of everyone who lives there is important. This means accommodating children who might fix their own after-school snacks and a space to do homework, a parent who needs a space to organize meals and activities, and even pets that eat in the kitchen.

Efficient Design

Whether you’re looking to create extra space in your home or just want a floor plan for your kitchen and dining area that welcomes guests and family members alike, an open kitchen plan is a must, especially for busy families. The open plan will also make your space feel bigger. Dedicated zones for food preparation, congregating, homework area, an island and maybe a breakfast bar or kitchen nook will be possible in an open plan.


From food prep to entertaining to cleanup when remodeling your kitchen, make sure to designate a good amount of space to store consumables and pantry items near where your prepare food. So many different shelves and cabinets are available these days. Vertical pull out shelves, customized drawers or cabinets with shallow shelving, baskets, spinning racks and, open shelving are just a few options for your busy family kitchen. It is no secret the kitchen storage is essential for families with full schedules.

Easy Clean Surfaces

For cabinets consider a Slab front cabinet or a Shaker style cabinet for low maintenance. For the back splash consider quartz or stone slab, for countertops choose quartz, or granite. All of these are so simple to wipe down. With the quartz or granite you do not need to worry about placing hot pots, abrasive pads or damage from serrated knives. With all the activities in your kitchen the last thing you want to do is spend much time cleaning up. That is why it is so important to choose kitchen surfaces that are both durable and low maintenance.


Residential refrigerators gobble up approximately one sixth of a home’s electricity consumption. The good news is that today’s appliances are considerably more energy efficient than previous models. Simply by replacing a 10-year-old fridge with a new Energy Star model, shoppers will save roughly $30 off their annual utility bills. So many styles are available having a refrigerator that is designed for you can make a huge difference in your kitchen. Besides the prefect refrigerator, other appliances can help you save time in the kitchen. Dishwashers come with shelves that can be moved to help you wash large items. Consider installing a convection oven which can work both as a microwave and a fast speed oven.


Large-format tiles are great flooring option. There are tiles as large as 24 inches by 48 inches. Glazed tiles are impervious to kitchen spills, and the minimal amount of grout lines keeps scrubbing to a minimum. Just as on your countertops, epoxy grout is a better choice here than traditional grout. Wood is always a popular choice that never goes out of style. A busy family needs a floor that can hold its own against soccer cleats and spilled milk, so flooring is a crucial consideration during your kitchen redesign.

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